You’re Cured! You’re NEVER Getting a UTI Again! Now What?

Ok, no one can really promise you that you’ll never get a UTI again. But if you’re cleaning out your medicine cabinet and you’ve got some Cystex products that are expired, or no longer needed, it’s time to do the right thing and dispose of those unused, out-of-date medications properly.

This is an important be-a-good-human moment because unwanted, unused and expired medications in your home are a safety and health hazard. Children, pets, and others are at risk of misuse, overdose, or poisoning when medications are kept unnecessarily.

Did your mom or grandma tell you to flush meds? Please try to avoid that. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, flushed meds can seep into groundwater, enter rivers and lakes, and eventually get into drinking supplies. To make matters worse, some medications contain compounds that interfere with the reproduction and normal growth of many aquatic critters, like frogs and fish.

Fortunately, cleaning out medicines in a safe, responsible manner isn’t hard:

Whether you’re looking to ditch old Cystex products or your cats-got-in-a-fight-again antibiotics, visit

MyOldMeds is a website from the Pharmaceutical Product Stewardship Work Group (which the makers of Cystex are proud to be a part of) that helps you learn how to securely store and dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired medicines.

Once on the site, just click on the “Locator” and search for a medication drop-off kiosk near you. You can find out the drop-off location’s hours and how to contact its operators, too, in case you have questions about what they’ll take or how to handle sharps. And, since many safe disposal sites are in pharmacies, you can pick up a fresh supply of Cystex while you’re there!

To protect your privacy, remember to remove or destroy all identifying personal information from medication labels or packaging before disposal. Then, pat yourself on the back for doing something good today.