Clinically tested UTI Test Strips

Cystex UTI Test Strips

Cystex UTI Test Strips

  • Proprietary formula
    Accurate results in less than 2 minutes
  • Defend against UTIs
    Easy to use
  • Bacteria control
    Clinically tested

How it works

Cystex UTI Test Strips designed to be easy-to-use at-home with accurate results in less than 2 minutes so you can identify and treat UTIs early.

Clinically tested with dual Leukocytes and Nitrate test pads to guarantee accurate results you can act on. Identifying a UTI in its early stages is crucial for procuring antibiotics and pain relief products before it reaches its worst stages.

Leukocyte esterase is a protein generated by the destruction of white blood cells, which are connected to inflammation and fighting infections, thus often present during UTIs. The first line on the UTI Test Strip evaluates the presence or absence of white blood cells in the urine, indicated by a color change from white to pink on the strip. The brighter the pink color, the higher the levels of Leukocyte esterase.

Nitrates are a chemical normally found in your urine but when UTI bacteria is present the bad bacteria break down Nitrates and turn them into Nitrites. The second test pad on the strip detects the presence of nitrites by a color change from white to purple. The deeper the purple color is, the higher the level of nitrites present.

How to read results

Each Test Strip pouch has a color-coded range to assist in interpreting results, with the top panel detecting leukocytes and the bottom panel checking for nitrites. Clean your genital area, urinate on the test strip, wetting both test pads completely, and then rest the strip face up and wait the corresponding times before reading the results:

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Enter Your Test Results below for Recommendations

Test Results:

Please select your Leukocytes (LEU) and Nitrite (NIT) values above to see your recommendations.

Results suggest a sign of a UTI. Consult your physician immediately.

Results suggest a sign of a UTI. Consult your physician immediately.

Results suggest a sign of a UTI. Repeat the test next time you urinate using a new test strip. Make sure to wash the genital area first. If LEU is still positive, consult your physician.

Results suggest no sign of a UTI. When trace LEU occurs or if you have symptoms, test again the following day with your first morning urine using a new test strip. If you get another trace LEU or if you still have symptoms, consult your physician.

Watch Out!
Many UTI pain relievers, like Azo, turn your urine orange and can affect test results for many UTI Test Strips in the market today using Leukocytes and Nitrite test pads.
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*Use as directed.