Triple Action Probiotic for enhanced Urinary + Vaginal wellness

Cystex Urinary Probiotic

Cystex Urinary Probiotic

  • Prebiotic
    Prebiotic to clear out the bad bacteria and make room for the good
  • Probiotic
    Probiotic good strains of bacteria that contribute to a healthy urinary tract and vaginal microflora
  • Cranberry Extract
    Cranberry Fruit Extract protect the urinary tract lining from bad bacterial growth

How it works

Cystex Urinary Probiotic combines the power of prebiotics, probiotics, and cranberry superfruit extract to create a formidable defense against unwanted bacteria.

The prebiotic clears out harmful bacteria, making way for the good strains that support a healthy urinary tract and vaginal microflora. Meanwhile, the cranberry fruit extract protects the urinary tract lining from the growth of bad bacteria.

Restore and Protect

Urinary and Vaginal health Maintain urinary cleanliness and vaginal bacterial balance to help avoid UTIs and yeast infections

Restore Urinary + Vaginal bacterial balance

4 Probiotic Strains

+ Potent Prebiotic

+ Cranberry Superfood

Small, easy to take capsules deliver 3-in-1 urinary health benefits

  • Achieve and maintain optimal vaginal pH levels with the consistent use of Cystex Urinary Probiotic. By fostering a balanced environment, Cystex Urinary Probiotic unlocks the body's natural defenses and contributes to long-term urinary and vaginal wellness.

  • Designed to combat UTIs but also helps in the fight against yeast infections by maintaining healthy yeast levels. The carefully selected strains of bacteria contribute to a balanced and thriving microbial environment, promoting overall vaginal health.

  • Our clinically studied ingredients help shield against UTI-causing bacteria, providing proactive support to maintain a clean and healthy urinary tract, keeping you confident and protected.

Starts Working in3 Hours
Our urinary probiotic is built to survive stomach acid & starts working once in the gut and urinary tract to help build a healthy gut and vaginal flora.
Urinary health made easy

*Use as directed.