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Max strength UTI pain relief

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For fast UTI relief we recommend:

Cystex Urinary Pain Relief Tablets

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Cystex Urinary Pain Relief
UTI relief & bacteria control

The original OTC urinary pain reliever with a dual-action formula that not only eases the pain caused by a UTI, but also contains an antibacterial to help keep the infection from getting worse while you wait for your doctor’s appointment.

For nighttime pain relief, we recommend:

Cystex PM Extra Strength Pain Relief

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Cystex Urinary Health Maintenance
Pain Relief & Sleep Aid

Extra strength pain relief with a non-habit-forming nighttime sleep aid to temporarily relieve pain while you sleep.

To defend against UTIs, we recommend:

Cystex Urinary Health Maintenance

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Cystex Urinary Health Maintenance
Cranberry prebiotic

Help maintain your urinary health by adding Cystex Urinary Health Maintenance to your daily routine. One tablespoon is loaded with multiple powerhouse ingredients that can benefit your urinary health.*

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FAQs about urinary
tract infections
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  • A UTI is an infection in the urinary tract, such as the kidneys, bladder and urethra. Usually, the bacteria that cause a UTI enter the urethra and may travel to the bladder and kidneys. Your body often removes these bacteria, so there may not even be symptoms. But when they continue to reside in the bladder, they can cause irritation, which leads to an infection.
    Source: http://www.healthline.com/health/bladder-infection#Overview1

  • The telltale signs and symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI) include frequent urination, urgency to urinate, burning, accompanied sometimes by back and side pain. If these classic urinary tract infection symptoms are present, it is important to get to a health care professional quickly.
    Source: http://www.healthline.com/health/urinary-tract-infection-adults

    You can help alleviate the pain with Cystex® Plus Urinary Pain Relief Tablets, a unique over-the-counter medication with a dual-action formula that combines pain relief with an antibacterial to help slow the progression of the infection. Learn more about Cystex Plus Urinary Pain Relief Tablets.

  • Urine is typically sterile. An infection occurs when bacteria get into the urine and begin to grow. The infection usually starts at the opening of the urethra where the urine leaves the body and moves upward into the urinary tract. Anyone can develop a UTI, but the following can increase the likelihood of developing one:

    • Sexual Intercourse
    • Poor personal hygiene
    • People with problems emptying the bladder
    • Having a urinary catheter
    • Pregnancy
    • Menopause
    • Some forms of contraception including diaphragms
    • Immobility for extended periods of time

    Source: http://www.medicinenet.com/urinary_tract_infection/page2.htm

  • While males do experience UTIs, women are much more susceptible to them because their urethras are shorter, creating a quicker pathway for bacteria to reach the bladder. Additionally, a woman's urethral opening is directly near more sources of bacteria, such as the anus and vagina, creating the perfect environment for infection.
    Source: http://familydoctor.org/familydoctor/en/diseases-conditions/urinary-tract-infections/causes-risk-factors.html

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It isn’t talked about often enough for Women’s Health, but UTIs can really disrupt sleep. Ever experienced a UTI that kept you tossing + turning at night? #CystexPartner Because, same. You can kiss those restless nights goodbye with the help of cystex ! CYSTEX PM…

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